New IPL Bikini Masters PRO, Renee Russo Reese!
Renee Reese first competed on the IPL stage at the 2016 Arizona Championship in Mesa, AZ on May 28th. At that contest Renee placed 2nd in Bikini Masters 40+, right behind 1st place (and PRO CARD) winner Caroline Tsutakawa.
In Arizona, the maximum score per round was 40 points. With perfect scores in Muscularity and Conditioning (40 points in each) and near-perfect scores in Symmetry (34 points) and Suit (35 points), Reese was by far one of the most dominant competitors. Her lowest scores were in the Posing/Presentation round and Model Walk at Finals (29 points in each). Although these last scores are still considered relatively high, Bikini Masters 40+ was very competitive in Arizona. Twelve top athletes were vying for the win and IPL PRO CARD.
Nonetheless, with her second place win Reese qualified for APEX, the IPL’s pinnacle year-end championship event, in Los Angeles, CA on November 12th. Reese also placed 2nd in a very tough Bikini Open Class D, right behind 1st place (and PRO CARD) winner, Amber Daniell. This qualified Reese for IPL APEX in Bikini Open as well.
At APEX, Reese would face five of the IPL’s best Bikini Masters 40+ athletes. Two of whom were already PRO QUALIFIED in Bikini Masters, Johanna Carol Paco and Naia Blanco Day. (Naia Day, who had just won PRO BIKINI OPEN at APEX). Because Paco and Day had not yet competed as PROS in Bikini Masters, they were both still eligible to compete in Amateur Masters 40+.
When the dust settled, Reese landed in 3rd place behind Paco (2nd) and Day (1st). Again, because Paco and Day were both Masters PRO QUALIFIED, this left the door open for Reese. Needing a minimum point total of 126 out of a max 180, Reese landed 139 and became the IPL’s Newest Bikini Masters PRO.
Interestingly, in Bikini Open, the tables were turned between Reese and Paco. Reese landed in 4th after a tie-breaker (in the IPL there is a Pose-Down to determine tie-breakers) between the two. Paco in 5th. Michael Brooks Photography.

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