New IPL Men’s Athletic PRO, Wally Wallace!
Christopher (Wally) Wallace brought a winning package to the IPL stage at the 2016 IPL 2nd Annual North Atlantic Championship on October 15th in Ridgefield, CT.
Packing plenty of full, rugged muscle, good conditioning, and sweeping quads, Mr. Wallace was able to land himself in the 1st place spot in Men’s Athletic Open. That being said, it was neck and neck between Wally Wallace and the 2nd place finisher, Leonard Smith.
Leonard appears to be the perennial runner-up in IPL Men’s Athletic. At the August 2016 IPL New York Pro/Am, he landed in 2nd place in Men’s Athletic Novice and, at the same show, he landed in 2nd in Men’s Athletic Open, missing first by a mere one point. Anthony Haumana Mataheiari’i Aiu placed 1st there and won the IPL PRO CARD.
This time at the North Atlantic, after winning two of the six scored rounds (Conditioning and Model Walk at finals) Leonard would once again find himself in the 2nd place spot, this time missing first by 2 points to Wallace.
Congratulations to both of these gentlemen. Wally Wallace will surely be a contender on the IPL PRO Men’s Athletic stage and Leonard Smith will no doubt be a solid threat to any who show up in Men’s Athletes Open, and a top contender for the IPL PRO CARD. Michael Brooks Photography.

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