IPL Women’s Evening Gown Division! Without a doubt, Tracy Dome’s Evening Gown was the talk of the town. Dome (blue) dazzled with her jaw-dropping, attention-grabbing garment, which accompanied brilliant delivery in presentation. Leading the score boards in Gown, Posing/Presentation, and Model walk points, it seemed like Tracy Dome would be crowned Evening Gown winner at the 2016 IPL Arizona Championship in Mesa, AZ on May 28th. However, Aurore Cottet also came to play. What few points that Cottet (red) gave up in the aforementioned rounds, she more than made up for in the Muscularity, Symmetry, & Conditioning rounds. In the end it was Aurore Cottet for the win by a 6 point margin, also earning her IPL Pro Qualified status in the Women’s Evening Gown Open Division. Dome in 2nd. Aurore will surely be a force on the IPL Pro Evening Gown stage! Michael Brooks Photography.

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