Vanessa Campos: Supplement-free, Paleo athlete

From: Hazlet, NJ // Competition Seasons: One // Next IPL Contest(s): NaturalMag Classic // Division(s): Figure & Athletic // Trainer/Gym: ME! VCNfitness // Posing Coach/Mentor: Janet Marsico, The Figure Workshop // Nutrition: Ryan Sullivan, Sci-Unison Fitness (Team SUF)

“I am proudly a supplement-free, Paleo athlete. I don’t believe in extremes, so my training varies from heavy lifting to bodyweight HIIT workouts totaling about 9 hours per week. I am a former professional dancer and am currently a Spartan Racer, aiming for my trifecta medal, so competition is in my blood. I strive to be a great role model for my 2 sons (ages 4 and 7), and show then that there is no excuse NOT to make health and fitness a priority in life.”

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