Shockingly Muscular 22-year-old Kennedy Anyanwu! 

From: New Jersey, currently living in New Brunswick // Competition Seasons: NA // Next IPL Contest(s): 2015 Naturalmag Classic // Division(s): Men’s Bodybuilding Novice & Open

Height: 5″7′
Off-season Weight: 220
Estimated Contest Day Weight: 187-190

***Photos taken at 5 weeks out***

Saturday, August 22nd 2015 will be a night of at least a couple of firsts. For one, this will be the day that the International Physique League will launch into the fray of organizations that host Physique Competitions. The IPL being the leader in media and publicity for drug-tested athletes, this will surely be a night to remember.

The other first? Just as meaningful, this night will serve as the launch pad of, without a doubt, one of the brightest young athletes in the sport today. Technically he has never before competed in the sport, but we are incredibly excited to see what he will do come this Saturday. And keep an eye out for Kennedy Anyanwu in the magazines and media.

With regards to training and nutrition, Kennedy says “I am a firm believer in high volume training, lots of sets, lots of reps in order to really stimulate hypertrophy in a muscle. Big compound movements are the backbone of my workouts while isolation movements are usually used as finishers.

In terms of dieting, I think making it as stress free as possible is the best way in order to achieve your fitness goals. Start with a plan of how you are going to tackle, be it simple weight loss or getting shredded for a competition. I love consistency, so I find myself eating the same things day in day out, mostly spinach, beans, chicken, egg whites , oats and of course the occasional peanut butter when it can fit with my fat intake.