Stephanie Spiridakis Does Her Own Thing: “I have learned that doing my own programs have worked best for me. I do have some help with my nutritional adjustments here and there from the three people I trust and relate to.”

From: Lynn, MA Live in Swampscott, MA // Next IPL Contest(s): North Atlantic Championship // Division(s): Open Figure, Open Athletic, & Open Evening Gown

“One of the people I trust is Mr_Adonis_Official and the other two know who they are! I am founder & owner of Pumped For Life, LLC out of Beverly, MA. I will be competing in a few shows this year. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years and constantly told I can’t gain muscle or have energy to withhold big lifts…well I beg to differ! I love a challenge and I feel as though your body is always changing and when it talks to you, you should listen! Anything goes, I’m very open to what works best for each individual!!!”

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