2015 A.R.D. Nutrition IPL North Atlantic Championship! [LtoR] Karen Basler (Evening Gown Open 1st & Pro Card,), Demetrious Whitfield (Personal Trainer and Strength & Condition Coach), and Tali Tarone (Figure Open & Masters 1st & Pro Cards). Photos by Michael Brooks.
 Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Demetrious Whitfield, Delivers Two New IPL Pros at the A.R.D. Nutrition 2015 IPL North Atlantic Championship in Fairfield, CT.

“I was looking forward to the September IPL North Atlantic show for a few reasons. It had been four years since I’d trained anyone to get on stage. I primary work with Performance Athletes (Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Boxers). Over the past few years I’ve produced quite a few All Conference and All State athletes, even a two time All American. So when I get to work with athletes who want to get on stage, I get to switch up some of the things I do. Yet, still produce winners. And, as a former athlete myself, I love to compete and I love to train to compete in anything.

0BN5A8657In 2009 Tali asked me to train her for the 2010 season. Unfortunately we experienced a great deal of “politics” at the shows and in her placings, which really left a bad taste in my mouth. So, when Tali told me she was ready to come back to the stage in 2015, I couldn’t wait! She was hungry! (and still is).

Which brings me to the first reason I was happy to participate in the IPL! And, you can quote me on this… I couldn’t wait to participate in an organization where everyone had to start as an Amateur and the judging was not tampered with, and politics would not play a part in whether we won or lost.”

This time last year, Karen told me she was interested in getting on stage. So we got to work immediately! I’ve known both women for over seven years. So when Tali expressed that she was ready for her comeback and Karen and I were already hard at work I couldn’t wait to show up with both of them!

0BN5A8652I have to say that over the years we (Karen, Tali and I) have not been just clients and trainer. We are all really true friends. We truly love each other as friends do. And understand each other. To have the opportunity to train and prepare for a common goal with two people I care about is a pleasure. And I knew they both would do well and I knew we were leaving with some hardware. When you have prepared and done everything you can do and you know it, all you have to do is show up and let it flow.

I don’t train them like a typical Bodybuilder. I train them as athletes, ready to perform. This is why they are both very conditioned. They sprint, jump, balance… everything an athlete should do. This allows them to be in shape all year round and not just for one day!

We rarely do abs, biceps and triceps. And we almost never use machines! We don’t do a bunch of random body part isolation exercises. Everything we do is functional, gradually progressive and periodized. Every week we test in major lifts and we adjust accordingly.

0BN5A8645The girls are hard at work preparing for next season as we speak. We will be participating in the IPL’s Natural Gainz Classic in March in NYC. Karen will coming for that Pro Bikini card and Tali will be looking to earn her third Pro card, this time in Women’s Athletic.

At the IPL North Atlantic I literally had to fight off the tears that day. I am proud and happy for both of them. I feel honored to take this ride  with them. You would never know Karen has 3 kids and Tali will be 55 years old next year.”