Tawnya Cline, Promoter, Joins the IPL Family!

From IPL President & Founder, Ben Yosef.

2015 IPL NaturalMag Classic. Michael Brooks Photography.









I am beyond excited to make this announcement! I have been a fan of Tawnya Cline’s since I first saw her rockin’ the Bikini stage a couple of years ago. ‎Tawnya and I would eventually become friends through the sport, sharing a great mutual interest in not only being active in, but also promoting true, drug-free health & fitness. And, I was delighted when Tawnya joined Natural Bikini Magazine (one of my company’s monthly publications) as Editor-in-Chief. When she came on board 12 months ago I just knew she was the perfect fit and she has proven me correct a dozen times over.

2015 IPL NaturalMag Classic. Michael Brooks Photography.
2015 IPL NaturalMag Classic. Michael Brooks Photography.

It meant the world to me when Tawnya traveled from Arizona to New Jersey to take part the IPL’s historic first ever contest event, The NaturalMag Classic, this past August where she won Masters Bikini Pro status. Now to have her join the IPL as a partner and promoter is a complete honor.

Our visions for the fitness industry remain aligned as we will offer incredible opportunities for athletes to strive to be their best, showcase their hard work, and then be celebrated and promoted through media and publicity.

‎Tawnya has been very successful in promoting two contest events per year for the past two years. Beginning in 2016 both of these events will be sanctioned by the International Physique League. The sanctions will include IPL Pro-Qualifying status and serve as Qualifiers for the IPL APEX year-end event.






The first contest is the “2016 IPL Arizona Championship & Tawnya Cline Natural Bikini Classic” to be held at the Mesa Arts Center, in Mesa Arizona, on May 28th‎. The second is the “Southwest Grand Prix” to be held at the Tempe Center for the Arts, in Tempe Arizona, on September 4th.

These we will be super fun shows with lots of buzz and media surrounding them!

“I am in absolute LOVE with the sport of Natural Bodybuilding. I am so ecstatic for this new chapter of my life. I am honored to not only be an athlete but now a promoter for the IPL and Ben Yosef in my hometown, Arizona. I invite you all to take part in this journey with us as we create an explosion with the IPL.” Tawnya Cline