New IPL Men’s Athletic Masters Pro, John Koloch!
Apparently two times was the charm for John Koloch at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Arizona Championship on May 28th in Mesa, AZ.
In his first appearance on an IPL stage last September at the Arizona Grand Prix, John was not fortunate enough to earn enough points for the IPL PQ in Men’s Athletic Masters. However, eight months later, everything came together for John Koloch.
In his second IPL outing, forty-five-years-young John Koloch went head-to-head with lean and mean Masters competitor Rodney Davis. John would go on to win five of the six scored categories. The only one he did not win was the Conditioning round.
In order to earn the PQ, John would need not only to win the class, but also score a minimum point total of 168. In the end, Koloch earned 181 and became the IPL’s newest Men’s Athletic Masters Pro.
It will be exciting to see how John matches up against Masters Pros like Roy Pingol, “Sir” Richard Puou, Kenny “The Rock” Schrock, James “Shredz” Niezen, Angel Aulet, and Tahiti’s Henri Hiro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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