“There has been a 6th positive drug test result, this time following our 2016 IPL West Coast Pro/Am, held on September 25th in Rancho Cordova, CA. IPL Athlete Drug-test Failure statistic: 14 months / 16 contests / 6 failures. Let me assure you that you have my commitment 100% to offering you a level playing field within the IPL to compete.

The IPL utilizes the most stringent drug-testing protocol in Physique Competition. This not only includes using only World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) testing labs, which are the most thorough and test for the largest number of substances, but also using third-party, independent, Certified Urine Sample Collectors in order to insure razor-sharp chain-of-custody when it comes to handling the samples.

luis-montenegroMEN’S BODYBUILDING OPEN 2nd place & MEN’S ATHLETIC OPEN 3rd place competitor Luis Montenegro, tested positive for two banned substances, Triamterene and Benzthiazide. These substances fall under the WADA Compound Class “Diuretics and Masking Agents” and are prohibited for use at all times. As a result, Luis has been placed on Athlete Suspension.

Because of the ‘intent’ typically found with the use of these banned substances, testing positive for this combo comes with a 3-year suspension from competing within the IPL and any other United Physique Competitors Association (UPCA) member organizations. In addition, Luis’ placings at the 2016 IPL West Coast PRO/AM have been revoked.

We will welcome Luis back into the IPL as an Amateur competitor in 2019 if he chooses to return.”

In response to what has transpired, Luis Montenegro, issued the following statement:

“I was contacted by Ben for some news that made me angry and embarrassed at the same time. As we talked about what we needed to talk about, he encouraged me to issue a statement to share about my experience. This is my story, and I am sharing it with you all so you don’t make the same mistake.

This past May I had the chance to watch a friend compete in the IPL. I was extremely proud of her and felt inspired. I saw how she worked and what she went through. I decided after 20 years of lifting weights to finally do a show.

There was a difference in our approach. She had a team that she worked with, and I was doing this show solo. I started with a 16 week prep. As I have never done a show, by 12 weeks out I knew I was in over my head. At my gym, among the trainers, we had two or three that had competed in shows. One in particular had already competed in, and won, 4 shows this year alone. I chose him, as he is a NASM Certified Trainer, with show experience, and also has his own business for contest prepping.

I followed my own weight training program and I hired him to provided my cardio routine, meal program and supplementation intake. We went through the rules during our initial sit-down and I showed him the website for supplements that were banned. Together we imputed what I would be taking and we were off to finish the last 12 weeks, strong.

Prior to leaving for my show, my Coach handed me a diuretic to take the day before with instructions on how to take it. I took it. Today I was informed what I took was on the banned substance list. I have all sorts of emotions. I had put in the work and time. I had followed my plan to the tee, bringing my own meals to family events and even festivals to stay on track. This experience was one of the toughest things that I had ever done. I did not care if I placed. Only that I stuck it out and did it the right way. All that now feels like it was taken from me with one phone call.

I want to make it clear… I am not angry with the IPL. What they do and offer is amazing and should be fully supported. I am angry with putting my trust in someone to do their job. I am angry I worked my tail off only to be derailed by someone for something I took the night before my show. I am angry I cannot compete for three years.

I am letting you know my story so you do not make the same mistake. Check your supplements, know who you are surrounding yourself with. And, as Ben told me, if something seems a little funny, like one pill the night before, it’s probably not wise to take it.”

Read the official United Physique Competitors Anti-doping Agency release here.