ipl_top_16_of_2016_introWhat an incredible year for the IPL! I want to first off, thank each and every one of you for making this fantastic year possible. Athletes, Staff, Coaches, Trainers, Vendors, Sponsors, Friends, and Families! Without you, this year would not have been possible. Without you, the IPL would not be possible!

So, a big THANK YOU to you all!

Let’s gooooo!


ipl_top_16_of_2016_number_16In 2015 the IPL hosted 4 contest events. The first, the NATURALMAG CLASSIC, on August 22nd in Jersey City, NJ. Being a new, unknown league, in an industry already saturated with “Federations”, each of these contests was quite small. However, it quickly became clear that the International Physique League was not your typical organization. Rising above the fray in many areas, such as its razor sharp anti-doping protocol, and media exposure for its athletes, small shows or not, the seed was firmly planted. The IPL had arrived and a new standard was set.

The excitement, buzz, and media that these 4 events generated gave the IPL tremendous momentum. Then came the announcement of its first complete season for 2016. The season would begin in March and go through November. It would feature 13 contests, including a year-end championship event, IPL APEX.


ipl_top_16_of_2016_number_15The 2016 IPL New Jersey PRO/AM in Jersey City, New Jersey on May 21st featured the very first face-off in Pro Women’s Athletic. And it was INTENSE! Vanessa Campos and Kaylin Payne faced each other for the first time on the Amateur stage back in March at the 2016 IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic in NYC. At that show Campos defeated Payne in Women’s Athletic, beating her by an 11 point margin. But on the IPL PRO stage in New Jersey the tables were turned. Kaylin Payne brought an improved, fuller package to the IPL New Jersey PRO. In the end it was Payne for the win by a 4 point margin, becoming the IPL’s first, ever, Women’s Athletic PRO Champion.


ipl_top_16_of_2016_number_14Karen Basler competed in the August 2015 IPL NaturalMag Classic, which was the first ever IPL contest. At this show she placed second in Bikini Open. Karen then went on to compete in the 2015 IPL North Atlantic Championship the following month. At this show she landed in the second place Bikini Open spot, once again. This time right behind first place winner, Beth Cote. Finally, on her third try, at the March 2016 IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic Karen placed 1st in Bikini Open, earning her IPL Bikini Pro-Qualified Status. 8 months after their first showdown, Basler and Cote would face-off at the first ever IPL PRO show, the 2016 New Jersey Pro/Am on May 21 in Jersey City, NJ. BOTH of these stunning IPL Bikini PROS looked INCREDIBLE. But, in the end, it was Karen Basler who was crowned the first ever IPL Bikini Pro Champion.


Ivonne “The Butterfly” Grecco OWNED the stage in her first IPL appearance, the May 2016 California Championship in Sacramento, CA. At this contest she achieved Pro Qualified Status in Bikini Masters 40+ (and won Overall Masters) Bikini Open Class A (and won Overall Open) AND Fitness Angels Open.

Fitness Angels Open consisted of 9 beautiful, fit, angelic athletes. However, one competitor rose higher than the group. With an overall stunning package and presentation, it was Ivonne Grecco’s night to shine. Of particular note, with regards to Grecco’s presentation, is that fact that she never lowered her arms/wings throughout the entire prejudging and contest. This not only elevated her look, and caused her to stand out, but she must have had one heck of a shoulder burn by the end of the night! On this evening Ivonne Grecco became the IPL’s first, ever, Open Fitness Angels PRO and set a magical tone for the future of this division within the IPL.

Then Ivonne came to win at the first, ever, IPL PRO Masters Bikini face-off which took place at the September 2016 West Coast Pro/Am in Rancho Cordova, CA…and win she did. Against who? None other than high-profile IPL PRO athlete, Tawnya Cline. In the end, a 6 point difference between the two put Grecco in the winners spot earning her the history-making title of the IPL’s first Masters Bikini Pro Champion. This win qualified Grecco to compete at APEX, the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event in Los Angeles CA on November 12th. Ivonne placed 2nd in PRO Masters Bikini APEX.


ipl_top_16_of_2016_number_12Lylian Muttakyawa! WOW. Where do we start…? Perhaps it’s best to start at the beginning of Lylian’s reign over the 2016 IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 25th in Rancho Cordova, CA. A reign which dominated 4 divisions, resulting in 4 IPL PRO CARDS, an Overall title, and IPL APEX Qualifications for each.

It all started when she appeared on the IPLWCPA stage for first time…in Bikini Open. Lylian won all six judged categories in this class (Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing/Presentation, Suit, and Model Walk/Routine at Finals) yielding a total combined score of 223 points out of a possible 240. WOW. The second place competitor scored 194. After clenching 1st place and IPL Bikini PRO CARD, Lylian went on to battle it out for the Bikini Open Overall title. And yes, she won that.

After dominating the Bikini Open division Lylian proceeded to phase two…Fitness Angels Open. Only a few people knew that Lylian’s angel wings had not arrived in time for this contest (they were help up at customs). Apparently, at the very last minute, she was able to procure a set of wings from her coach. With the level of confidence, poise, grace, and elegance that Muttakyawa displayed on the IPL Fitness Angels stage, you would never have guessed that she had experienced this wardrobe mishap. Lylian would go on to clench her second win and second IPL PRO CARD of the evening. But she was not done yet…

Lylian really did her homework coming into the West Coast Pro/Am. She was spot on for all 4 divisions she entered. This time it was the Women’s Sports Model division. As she glided across the stage, her captivating performance included footwork, jabs, uppercuts, sass and more. Lylian’s impressive blend of fitness, fun and fierce landed her in the winners spot and earned her IPL PRO QUALIFIED status in Women’s Sports Model Open.

After achieving wins and IPL PRO status in three divisions earlier in the day at this contest, it was time for Lylian to put her exclamation mark on the 2016 IPL West Coast Pro/Am. Lylian was INCREDIBLE in the Evening Gown division. Elegance, poise, grace, fitness, beauty, AMAZING Gown… She had everything. Needless to say, Lylian Muttakyawa nailed first place in Evening Gown Open and her forth IPL PRO CARD.

Here is a recap of Lylian’s winnings at the 2016 IPL West Coast Pro/Am:

  • BIKINI OPEN (CLASS B) 1st place + Overall Bikini Open + IPL Bikini PRO CARD
  • FITNESS ANGELS OPEN 1st place + IPL Fitness Angels PRO CARD
  • WOMEN’S SPORTS MODEL OPEN 1st place + IPL Women’s Sports Model PRO CARD
  • EVENING GOWN OPEN 1st place + IPL Evening Gown PRO CARD

It is safe to say that Lylian Muttakyawa is indeed the “Total Package”.


Angel Aulet OWNED the stage at the 2016 IPL New Jersey PRO/AM in Jersey City, NJ on May 21st. With a world-class physique and posing and presentation style of a seasoned PRO, Angel was one of the most impressive athletes in the show. At this contest he was awarded IPL PRO QUALIFIED status in both Men’s Athletic Open and Masters. It is shocking to think that this was his VERY FIRST SHOW, EVER!

Angel made his IPL PRO debut five months later at the 2016 IPL 2nd Annual North Atlantic Championship on October 15th in Ridgefield, CT. The combo of full, round muscle, sharp conditioning, and A-level posing & presentation makes Aulet quite a formidable competitor. Scoring 211 points out of a max 240, Aulet cleaned house. And, being that this was the first ever IPL PRO Men’s Athletic battle, Aulet is now the reigning champ, and the man to beat in IPL PRO Men’s Athletic.


Beth Cote had a phenomenal year on the IPL stage. Beth competed in the 2016 IPL New Jersey Pro back in May, placing 2nd in Pro Bikini. She then competed in the 2016 IPL New York Pro in August. At that contest she placed 1st in Pro Bikini, earning her first IPL Pro Bikini title. At this show Beth also competed in Evening Gown Open, where she won her Evening Gown PRO CARD. And, she competed in Sports Model Open, where she placed 2nd.

She then went on to compete in the IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro in Arizona, where she won her second IPL Pro Bikini title. At that contest she also placed 1st in Women’s Sports Model Open, winning her IPL PRO CARD in that division. Beth finished her season at APEX (the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event) in Los Angeles in November, where she placed 2nd in Pro Bikini, behind 1st place winner, Naia Day. And, this year, Beth became sponsored by Natural Bikini Magazine.



Day DAZZLED on the IPL Bikini stage at the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am on September 4th in Tempe, AZ. Sometimes BIG things come in tiny packages and in Arizona, Day’s powerful presence on stage far exceeded her 5’1” height. On this night, Naia Day seemed as tall as a skyscraper and larger than life. Naia was INCREDIBLE, and incredibly busy on the IPL stage at the Grand Prix.
Here is what Naia achieved at that contest:
• WOMEN’S BIKINI: Masters (40+) 1st place + Masters PRO CARD + Overall Bikini Masters
• WOMEN’S BIKINI: Open 1st place + Open PRO CARD + Overall Bikini Open
• WOMEN’S SPORTS MODEL: Masters (40+) 2nd place
• And if that wasn’t enough, she ended the night with…
• WOMEN’S EVENING GOWN: Masters (40+) 1st place + Masters PRO CARD + Overall Evening Gown Masters…
• andddddd a Natural Bikini Magazine Sponsorship! WOW!
Then, IPL Bikini PRO and Natural Bikini Magazine Sponsored Athlete, Naia Day was absolutely breathtaking on the IPL stage at the 2016 2nd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship Pro/Am on October 15th in Ridgefield, CT. Day, who traveled from Arizona to Connecticut for her IPL PRO debut, clenched the PRO Bikini title at this contest with one of the most well put together Bikini packages to ever grace an IPL stage. At a stage weight of 101 pounds, Day is giving up a lot of size to fuller IPL Bikini athletes. However, she is still dangerously competitive. One of the most winning IPL athletes to date, Day came into this contest with plenty of momentum.
Next in CT came the Women’s Sports Model Open division. Naia ROCKED her tennis theme, and with her amazing physique, landed in the winners spot and became the IPL’s newest Women’s Sports Model PRO. With these wins, she qualified for IPL APEX (year-end final championship event in Los Angeles, CA on November 12th). At this show she would face top IPL Bikini PROS (whom she had never competed against and who had also all won IPL PRO Bikini titles) including Beth Cote, Ana La Belle, and Ivonne Grecco.

History was made at the 2016 APEX. PRO Bikini featured four of the IPL’s top athletes. Each of these amazing athletes brought their A-game to APEX. But, there could only be one winner. And, that winner was Naia Day, as she became the IPL’s first ever APEX PRO Bikini Champion. Of course, it did not end there for Dynamic Day. At APEX Naia would also clench 1st place and IPL PRO CARDS in Women’s Sports Model Masters and Evening Gown Open. #speechless.


ipl_top_16_of_2016_number_8Brittany Warner first competed in the IPL last year at the September 2015 Midwest Championship in Madison, WI. At that show she became the IPL’s first “Triple Threat”, winning her IPL PRO CARDS in Figure, Athletic, and Bodybuilding. And, a few weeks later landed on the front cover of Natural Gainz Magazine. A year would pass before Warner would touch down on the IPL stage again. This time at the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro on September 4th in Tempe, AZ. Her IPL PRO Debut. What was on the line? Cash, five inch custom IPL PRO Medal, IPL PRO Cup, and the IPL Women’s PRO Bodybuilding title belt. Warner traveled all the way from Wisconsin to face off on the IPLAZ stage against another Midwest native, Dore DeBartolo. In the end it was Warner who came out on top and became the IPL’s first, ever, Women’s Pro Bodybuilding Champion.

This win qualified Warner for APEX, the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event in Los Angeles CA on November 12th. And, in the IPL, for Men’s & Women’s Pro Bodybuilding divisions we offer a “Title Belt”. The winner of the Title Belt is the reigning IPL PRO BODYBUILDING CHAMPION. At that point, the reigning champ must put that title and belt on the line in at least two Pro contests each season. One regular season contest and IPL APEX. The reigning champ receives free entry into those title bout shows and travel expenses are covered.

The only opportunity in 2016 for Warner to defend her title would be at APEX. And, Dore DeBartolo was pumped and ready to face Warner again, for a rematch. DeBartolo registered for the show, purchased her plane ticket and was focused on turning the tables on Warner. However, DeBartolo would not get her chance as Warner opted out of APEX. With that opt out, Brittany Warner forfeited the title and the belt. So, that belt and title are back on the line for the 2017 season. Who will be the IPL’s next Women’s PRO Bodybuilding champ???


A lot of excitement erupted right after IPL Figure PRO, Vanessa Campos, won the first ever IPL PRO Figure face-off. And, there was a backstage image floating around social media of Campos drinking from her shiny, new 1st place IPL PRO CUP that nearly broke the internet. Rumor has it that she was actually sipping celebratory wine from it, savoring the win.

What an event! The 2016 IPL New Jersey Pro in Jersey City, New Jersey on May 21st featured an amazing battle between top IPL Figure PROS Vanessa Campos and Kaylin Payne. And, it was intense! Campos and Payne faced each other for the first time on the Amateur stage back in March at the 2016 IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic. At that show Campos defeated Payne in Figure Open by a narrow 2 point margin and also won the Women’s Athletic Open class, beating Payne by a wider 11 point margin. Following that contest, Campos landed on the cover of Vigorous Magazine, and Payne on the cover of NATURALMAG.

On May 21st on the IPL PRO stage, an improved Campos managed to land in the number one spot once again in Figure, becoming the IPL’s first, ever, Pro Figure Champion. Campos described her showing in the November 2016 issue of NATURALMAG, saying, “It was an honor to win Pro Figure. I worked really intensely to bring the package I did to this show. It was my best to date. I truly felt like a winner just stepping on the stage, so it was sweet to actually take the Pro win.”


This one certainly generated a lot of buzz! Ask IPL PRO Tawnya Cline what she thinks about the IPL Sports Model division and she replies, “That’s My Jam!” Well, TC was certainly jammin’ in her PRO WSM debut at 2016 IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 25th in Rancho Cordova, CA.

When Tawnya entered the stage actually riding her custom Twisted Gear skateboard, you just knew you were in for a treat. Add to that, her fit physique, some simulation “skater” tricks and her fun, sporty style of posing/presentation and Cline was a lock for the first place spot as she became the IPL’s first, ever, PRO Women’s Sports Model Champion.


Something incredible and magical happened at the 2016 IPL Arizona Championship on May 28th in Mesa Arizona! In one the most amazing displays of Fitness, Glamour, Elegance, and Sportiness… 50 years-young Caroline Tsutakawa became the most active and winning IPL Athlete to date. 4 divisions, 7 classes, 7 first place IPL Crystal trophies, 10 Custom IPL medals, 3 Overall titles, and 4 Pro Cards. WOW.

Here is the complete list of Caroline Tsutakawa’s Wins:

Bikini Masters (50+), Bikini Masters (40+), Overall Bikini Masters, Bikini Masters PRO CARD.

Sports Model Masters (50+), Sports Model Masters (40+), Overall Sports Model Masters, Sports Masters PRO CARD.

Fitness Angels Masters (40+), Fitness Angels Masters PRO CARD.

Evening Gown Masters (50+), Evening Gown Masters (40+), Overall Evening Gown Masters, Evening Gown Masters PRO CARD.

It was certainly Caroline’s day to shine in Arizona!


The International Physique league was created for a number of reasons. The league would aim to change the game and set a new standard in our sport, specifically on the “Natural” side. Of primary importance and priority was taking drastic and intensive steps towards eradicating the use of performance enhancing drugs and banned substances.

When IPL was announced back in May of 2015 a radical plan was introduced, following the lead of the United Physique Competitors Association (UPCA) and it’s Anti-doping Agency (UPCAA) protocol. This plan would call for the use of the World Anti-doping Agency’s (WADA) complete Prohibited Substance List, and only using WADA testing labs  to conduct the urinalysis.

Why WADA? Because WADA is the global leader in drug-testing and anti-doping in sports. Why use only WADA labs? Because as the global leader, WADA labs are testing for the widest array of substances. This means that they are testing for all the “typical” drugs and PED’s, but are also on the forefront in the battle to uncover the newest substances as they arrive in the sporting world. Not only that, but the IPL would utilize a third-party, WADA-affiliated, certified urine sample collecting company to manage the testing protocol and sample collection chain of command.

This aggressive plan would be implemented at EVERY IPL contest event. An aggressive plan, indeed. But what’s more, and perhaps the most shocking declaration, was the IPL’s commitment to exposing all drug-test failures to the media. This history-making plan, without a doubt, was the most aggressive initiative ever put forward in the fight to rid our sport of PED’s and Banned Substances.

In 2015 there were two drug-test failures. Each case handled according to UPCAA protocol. In 2016, there were five. And, of course, UPCAA protocol followed. The industry response to the 2016 failures was exponentially greater than in 2015. Perhaps it was the increase in failures. Or, perhaps it was that fact that the IPL was actually living up to its incredibly bold and lofty commitment to its anti-doping protocol.

In a sport where there are many claims, promises, and sounds bites, very few live up to the hype. And when it comes to drug-testing, ALL leave much to be desired when it comes to making an effort to TRULY remove drug use from the sport.

Needless to say, the International Physique League has become the gold-standard for drug-testing in our sport.


Obviously, 2016 was an incredible year for the IPL. But one particular portion of the United States lead the pack, by far. The western part of the USA was on fire!

Contests featuring 100+ athletes, dozens of IPL PRO CARDS, APEX PRO Champions, the list goes on. Two individuals played a MASSIVE part in bringing the IPL to the west. IPL PRO & Promoter, Tawnya Cline (AZ) and IPL PRO & West Coast Liaison, Caroline Tsutakawa (CA).

Tawnya and Caroline both saw incredible potential in the IPL very early on, and committed their efforts and energies to making the league the best that it could be. ***Factoid: Tawnya Cline traveled from Arizona to New Jersey to compete in the very first IPL contest ever held, the NaturalMag Classic in August of 2015. At that show she became the IPL’s first ever Bikini Masters Pro.

We are all incredibly grateful and thankful to have these two wonderful individuals in the IPL family. At APEX, the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship event in Los Angeles California on November 12th both Tawnya and Caroline were presented with Appreciation Plaques in honor of all they have done to make the IPL what it is today.

It is amazing to think that this was only the first full contest season for the IPL. We are just getting started! Imagine what 2017 will bring!


The 2016 contest season firmly planted the International Physique League as the “Dream League” in the sport of physique competition. And, what is a dream league without a year-end pinnacle championship event??? In 2016 twelve incredible, high-profile IPL contests took place, leading to the thirteenth and final event of the year, IPL APEX in Los Angeles, CA on November 12th. To make it to this event, athletes would need to qualify by placing top three in a 2016 IPL season contest.

When November 12th arrived, some of the best IPL athletes descended into downtown LA’s theater district for this history-making event. At APEX new IPL PRO CARDS were awarded to athletes including Frauka Kozar (Figure Open), Renee Reese (Bikini Masters), Elli Sigala (Bikini Open & Women’s Sports Model Open), James Niezen (Men’s Athletic Masters & Men’s Sports Model Masters), Richard Puou (Men’s Athletic Open), Naia Day (Women’s Sports Model Open & Evening Gown Open), Nate Niezen (Men’s Sports Model Open), and Brittney Truman (Fitness Angels Open). And, APEX PRO Champions were crowned, including Tawnya Cline (Pro Bikini Masters) and Naia Day (Pro Bikini Open).

APEX certainly succeeded in serving as the perfect cherry on top of an incredible first complete IPL contest season. One can only imagine what 2017 has in store!


The number one IPL story of 2016 is not really a story at all. In fact, it is a culmination of stories. It is the IPL’s intensive and thorough effort to highlight and celebrate the incredible athletes that make up the #IPLfamily.

In the history of Physique Competition/Bodybuilding there has never been such a massive effort to showcase true drug-free athletes, until now. IPL Social Media Posts, Website Posts, Promotional VideosMagazine Covers, Magazine Articles & Features, Natural Bikini Magazine Cover Model Search, Natural Bikini Magazine Sponsored Athletes, Natural Gainz Magazine Sponsored Athletes, High Quality Images by Michael Brooks Photography…and more.

“By design, the IPL is synonymous with media. There would be no IPL without the initiative to simultaneously promote and provide exposure for our athletes. I do not want to be the President of a PRO CARD, Trophy and Medals factory. What I want to be is the head of a League and Media Machine that celebrates true, drug-free athletes for their amazing hard work. I want to create ambassadors to true health and fitness and make household names.

I want people who believe that there is no hype, media, or promotion on the ‘Natural’ side of the sport to discover the IPL. I want people who think ‘Bodybuilding is all about drug use and steroids’ to read the stories about IPL athletes and be inspired by their images.

THIS is the International Physique League. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here we come 2017!

–Ben Yosef | IPL President & Founder


  • The International Physique League is a competitive fitness federation celebrating top “Natural”/drug-tested physiques from around the Globe! The IPL offers 7 Pro Qualifying divisions of competition including Bodybuilding, Figure, Athletic, Sports Model, Fitness Angels, Bikini, & Evening Gown.

The IPL maintains the “sport feel” of Physique Competition and we will never veer away from that. We are a sport league and will maintain the integrity and spirit of competitive sporting events. The IPL is not a “Pageant-style” federation. We are also not a bare-bones, nitty gritty operation either. That being said, we do like a little flash and flair and as part of a media company we are looking to create and promote ambassadors who represent true health and fitness.

The IPL is wholly owned by MiBoLife Publishing, the leader in publicity, news, and media for drug-tested Physique Competition.  IPL athletes, contests, and events are featured in the following magazine publications: NATURALMAG, NATURAL BIKINI, NATURAL GAINZ & VIGOROUS. Four magazines. Tons of potential cover models and countless articles, features, and spreads. Our official photographers are always on site capturing the incredible energy and excitement, and looking for the next superstars.