New IPL Women’s Athletic IPL Pro, Danielle Bryant!

Danielle Bryant was awesome in her return to the IPL stage at the October 2017 2nd Annual Southwest Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona.

Just five months prior, Danielle had her debut on the IPL stage at the 2nd Annual Arizona Championship in May. Interestingly, she would enter only the Bikini division at that contest, earning solid top five placings in three classes. 2nd Bikini Novice Class B, 4th Bikini Masters 40+, 4th Bikini Open Class C.

Then, in October, Danielle would enter only the Women’s Athletic division. And, at the Grand Prix she would top her May performance.

First up was Women’s Athletic Masters 40+. Needing a minimum point total of 168 (out of a max of 240) for the PQ, Danielle earned an impressive 180, becoming the IPL’s newest Women’s Athletic Masters Pro. Then, it was on to the Open.

Here she would go up against a hard-charging Delfina Balza. In the end, Danielle was able to pull ahead for the win, earning 183 points, becoming the IPL’s newest Women’s Athletic Open Pro.

Danielle Bryant also entered the Inspiration Dedication division at the Grand Prix, where she shared her inspirational story of fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 26 years of her life.

Barely walking at the onset, Danielle managed to climb out of a despairing hole and find movement through attitude, perseverance, and her love of the gym. Even after a life of medical interventions, procedures, daily pain, 8 surgeries and recent diagnosis of rheumatic lung, she continues to pursue her physical passions, regardless of the obstacles. Michael Brooks Photography.

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