New IPL Women’s Athletic Pro, Ilana Lea!
Ilana nailed it at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Arizona Championship & Tawnya Cline Natural Bikini Magazine Classic on May 28th in Mesa, AZ.
Already an IPL Figure Pro (Open & Masters) Ilana had her sights set on Pro status in yet another division. Women’s Athletic. At fifty-one years young, Lea brings a package to the stage that can compete with athletes decades younger. In fact, she battled it out with twenty-seven year old, Katie Conway, who came in 2nd place in the Open.
Needing a minimum point total of 168 for the Pro Card, Ilana Lea earned 191 in Masters, and 203 in the Open. More than enough points to earn her way into the IPL’s elite group of Women’s Athletic Pros. It will be exciting to see Ilana compete against Masters Pros like Christine Aghazarian and Julia Hubbard, and Open Pros like Mary Onyango, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson and Heather Randall. Michael Brooks Photography.

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