New IPL Men’s Sports Model Pro, Nick Torgerson!
Nick Torgerson was surely a crowd pleaser at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Arizona Championship on May 28th in Mesa, AZ.
Nick’s baseball theme was spot on in the Men’s Sports Model division. Needing a minimum score of 168 (out of a max 240) for the PQ, Nick hit it out of the park by earning 198 and became the IPL’s newest Men’s Sports Model Pro.
Seven weeks later Nick landed on the pages of Vigorous Magazine in a feature titled, “Six Muscle Building Workouts From Top Physique Athletes.” Also featured are fellow IPL Pros Zyrian Zee Apurillo (IPL Men’s Athletic Pro Champion & Men’s Sports Model Pro) and Alejandro Sigala (IPL Men’s Athletic Pro and NATURALMAG Fall 2017 cover model).
To date, the IPL has yet to host a Pro Men’s Sports Model showdown. To do so would require at least two Pros to enter. When it does finally happen, it will be AWESOME to see Nick Torgerson face off with Pros like Richard Puou, Zyrian Zee Apurillo, Nate Niezen, and Emeka Nwuba. Michael Brooks Photography.

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