New IPL Bikini Pro, Ashley Quakenbush!
Bikini Open was incredibly competitive at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL California Championship on May 20th in Rancho Cordova, CA.
The Open division featured 23 hard-charging IPL Bikini athletes, divided into two classes (A & B). Of the division, one competitor prevailed, Overall.
Quakenbush, came in nice and full, with good conditioning, symmetry, and had enough confidence and “sass” to fill up the theater. In the end it was Ashley’s total package that earned her 1st place and IPL Bikini Pro Card. That being said, it was very tight at the top of Class A. Shout out the Chynna Olmos who landed in 2nd place, just one point behind Ashley. And Lorelie Mente Custodio who finished in 3rd place, just three points behind Ashley.
Then Bikini Open Overall came down to Sunny Eclipse Miller (class B winner) and Ashley (Class A). It seemed that Ashley pushed a bit harder during the Overall pose down to reveal just how much she wanted that coveted Overall title. When the dust settled, it was Ashley Quakenbush for the Overall.
Ashley Quakenbush now joins the elite and highly competitive IPL Pro Bikini division. It will be exciting to see how she matches up against top IPL Pros like Elli Sigala, Naia Day, Beth Cote, Aurore Cottet, and Amber Daniell…to name a few. Michael Brooks Photography.

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