New IPL Bikini Open & Masters Pro, Sunny Eclipse Miller!
Sunny Miller was one of the most prolific athletes to hit the stage at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL California Championship on May 20th in Rancho Cordova, CA.
For one, this 47 years-young mother of five presented one of the most impressive physiques of the show. Full, round, muscularity. Good conditioning, and a style of presentation that was an inspiring blend of elegant maturity and timeless youthfulness.
Then, earning the highest scores of the class in all six categories, Miller took 1st place in Bikini Masters 40+ Class B, earning her IPL Bikini Masters Pro Card.
Next it was on to Bikini Masters Overall. The Overall showdown featured four of the best Bikini Masters competitors the sport has ever seen. Masters 60+ winner Vickie Marie Ruffin-Francovich, 50+ winner Elly Niezen, 40+ Class A winner Karen DeMarco, and 40+ Class B winner Sunny Miller. It was once again Sunny for the win and the Overall Bikini Masters title.
THEN, carrying a tremendous amount of momentum, Miller would join the Bikini Open division. Facing off against Brilliant Bikini Beauties, some decades younger, Miller prevailed in Bikini Open Class B, earning 1st place honors as well as her IPL Bikini Open Pro Card.
Thennnn came the Bikini Open Overall. It was here that Miller’s incredible run ended in a highly competitive and incredibly exciting pose down between Miller and Ashley Quakenbush (Bikini Open Class A winner). In the end it was Ashley Quakenbush who would earn the Overall title.
But, Miller’s reign in Cali did not end there. She would reappear in another division, a couple of hours later….
Michael Brooks Photography.

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