New IPL Evening Gown Pro, Sunny Eclipse Miller! What an incredible way to end the 2017 2nd Annual IPL California Championship on May 20th in Rancho Cordova, CA.
As with every IPL contest event, the final division to be presented is the elegant Evening Gown division. And, in Cali, this division was STACKED. Included were Novice, Masters 50+, Masters 40+, and Open. And in Cali, one woman OWNED this division. Sunny Eclipse Miller.
After Winning her IPL PRO CARD in Bikini Masters, and Open, Sunny Miller reemerged in Evening Gown. An overflow of adjectives can be used to describe what Sunny presented on the Evening Gown stage in California. Elegant… Regal… Stunning… Radiant… to list a few.
From her choice of gown (which received perfect 10’s across the judging panel) to her amazing physique, to her superb posing and presentation, Sunny Miller brought the IPL Evening Gown division to new heights.
Needless to say, Miller clenched 1st place in Masters 40+ and IPL MASTERS PRO CARD, and Open 1st place and IPL OPEN PRO CARD.
Shout out to Elly Niezen, who was the best we have seen her on the IPL stage, and who also presented a fantastic look, which earned her 1st place in Evening Gown Masters 50+. This win landed her in the Masters Overall, where she then presented quite a challenge to Sunny. But in the end, it was Miller for the Overall title.
With all of the incredibly talented Evening Gown Pros in the IPL, it will be very exciting to see Sunny among the group.
Michael Brooks Photography.

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