New IPL Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro, Vickie Marie Ruffin-Francovich!
IPL newcomer Vickie Marie Ruffin-Francovich was one of the most inspiring athletes to touch down on the IPL stage at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL California Championship on May 20th in Rancho Cordova, CA.
For starters, Vickie is 61 years young! After walking away with place awards in Bikini Masters 60+, it was on to the Women’s Sports Model Masters division. However, Vickie did not enter Masters 60+. And, she did not enter Masters 50+. Nope. Vickie opted to hop into Masters 40+, where there were sure to be competitors as many as 20 years her junior.
So, what happened? Well, Vickie’s combination of AMAZING physique, and sporty, entertaining posing and presentation landed her in 1st place and earned her the coveted IPL Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro Card. But, she was not done yet.
Vickie would then face off with Sports Model Masters 50+ winner Elly Niezen for the Overall Women’s Sports Model Masters title. And, in the end, Vickie came out victorious. What a showing for Vickie’s first time on the IPL stage.
We look forward to seeing much more of the awe inspiring Vickie Marie Ruffin-Francovich in the IPL! Michael Brooks Photography.

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