New IPL Bikini Open & Masters Pro, Tunde Milstein!
Without a doubt Bikini Open was one of the most exciting and intense classes at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic on March 11th in Manhattan, NYC.
It came down to 52 years young Tunde Milstein vs. Jenny June Lambrecht (27). Both Bikini athletes were amazing. Needing a minimum of 168 points (out of a max 240) for the PQ, Milstein and Lambrecht tied with 184. And, in the IPL, ties are broken by a pose down. Not only were the IPL 1st place custom medal and crystal trophy on the line, but also entry into the coveted IPL Pro Bikini division.
The judging panel deliberated for what seemed like forever as they struggled to choose a winner. In the end, Milstein pulled ahead and landed the win, becoming the IPL’s newest Bikini Open Pro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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