New IPL Evening Gown Pro, Anna Maria Carranza!

One of the brightest break-out stars at the October 2017 2nd Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix in Phoenix, AZ was Anna Maria Carranza.

First, Anna presented a fantastic physique in a stacked Bikini Open division, landing in 2nd place Class B, behind Michelle Alexander. Then, later in the show, Anna reappeared for the Evening Gown division.

In Evening Gown Open, Anna was amazing. Her blend of fit, curvy physique and top notch presentation are hard to beat. Of the six scored categories, Anna won four: Symmetry, Posing & Presentation, Gown and Model Walk at Finals. The other two rounds (Muscularity & Conditioning) went to 2nd place finisher Kristen Perez.

In the end, Anna dominated the class, earning 213 out of a max of 240 points. One of the highest scores of the entire show. And with that, Anna Maria Carranza was warmly welcomed into the IPL Evening Gown Pros.

Shout out to Kristen Perez (2nd) and Jordan Clark (3rd) who both pushed Anna to the max.

Anna’s spotlight did not end at the Grand Prix. A couple months later she landed on several pages of the spring 2018 issue of Natural Bikini Magazine.

We have no doubt that this is just the beginning for this rock star of a competitor. AND, rumor has it, Anna just may be making her Pro debut this season! With what Anna Maria Carranza brings to the stage, she will certainly do some serious damage as an IPL Evening Gown Pro! Michael Brooks Photography.

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