IPL Women’s Athletic Masters Pro Champion, Julia Hubbard!

After earning her first Pro Figure Masters title earlier in the evening, Julia’s roll continued into the Women’s Athletic division at the October 2017 2nd Annual Southwest Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona.

In Women’s Athletic Masters, Julia Hubbard would once again go head to head with an impressive Ilana Lea. Looking at these two athletes side by side, they were so closely matched that they looked like physique twins.

In fact, this closely matched battle proved to be just as tight in the score cards. In the end, Julia managed to pull just four points ahead of Ilana, landing 228 to Ilana’s 224. Considering that the highest possible point total in the show was 240, both of these athletes were incredible.

BTW, Julia Hubbard’s 228 was the highest point total in the entire show, out of all athletes in all divisions.

With that, Julia Hubbard added yet another IPL Pro title to her collection, making it four IPL career Pro wins at that point. But Julia was not done in AZ, yet… Michael Brooks Photography.

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