IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro Champion, Julia Hubbard!

In the final class to hit the stage at the October 2017 2nd Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro in Phoenix, AZ, the amazing Julia Hubbard was able to retain her title as queen of IPL Pro Masters Evening Gown

In AZ Julia would face off with none other than top IPL Pro, Naia Naia Day. Hubbard and Day were both incredible in the division, with close scores across the board.

Of the six scored categories, Julia won two: Muscularity and Conditioning. Naia also won two: Gown and Model Walk at Finals. The two tied in the final rounds: Symmetry and Posing/Presentation.

As close as things were, Julia Hubbard was able to pull away with a solid 8 point lead, earning her second Pro Masters Evening Gown title. Michael Brooks Photography.

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