IPL Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro Champion, Julia Hubbard!

There is no question that the October 2017 2nd Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro in Phoenix, Arizona was Julia Hubbard’s show.

After earning Pro titles in Figure Masters and Women’s Athletic Masters earlier in the event, Julia Hubbard was back for her Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro debut. In this division Julia would face the illustrious Naia Blanco Day. Anyone who knows anything about IPL Pro Naia Day, certainly is aware of the force this dynamic competitor brings to every contest she enters.

That being said, Julia Hubbard was at the top of her game in Phoenix. Of the six scored categories, Julia won four: Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning and Model Walk at Finals. And the other two… Naia took the Posing & Presentation round and tied in Suit/Outfit.

In the end, it was Julia Hubbard for the clear win with 215 total points to Naia’s 189. AND, Julia was not done yet in Phoenix… Michael Brooks Photography.

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