IPL Fitness Angels Pro Champion, Mimi Irvin!

Magical Mimi Irvin wasted no time hopping into her IPL Pro Debut at the October 2017 2nd Annual Southwest Grand Prix Pro in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mimi had just earned her IPL Fitness Angels Pro Card in August at the 2nd Annual IPL Texas state Pro/Am in Houston. Now, just two months later Mimi would face Aurore Cottet, who was carrying momentum fresh off her Pro Fitness Angels win two weeks prior in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

In Arizona, Aurore Cottet was within striking distance of achieving her second Pro title. But Mimi managed to pull ahead by a narrow 3 point margin, earning 193 to Aurore’s 190. And with that Mimi Irvin earned her first IPL Pro win, becoming only the third woman to earn an IPL Pro Fitness Angels Pro title. Michael Brooks Photography.

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