IPL Pro Bikini Champion, Naia Blanco Day!

Top IPL Bikini Pro Naia Blanco Day was back on top at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro in Phoenix, Arizona.

Naia came into the year with plenty of momentum from an incredible 2016 IPL Pro Bikini season where she earned two Pro Bikini titles, including APEX, where Naia become the IPL’s first ever APEX Pro Bikini Champion.

Her first stop on the 2017 IPL Pro Bikini circuit was the Arizona Pro in May. However, Naia’s winning streak would come to an end as she landed in 3rd place, behind Beth Cote (2nd) and Elli Sigala (1st).

Five months later Naia was back on the Pro stage at the IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro in Phoenix, Arizona. In Phoenix Naia would regain her glory, landing 1st place in Pro Bikini, putting her back on top. Shout out to Kristen Perez (2nd) and Aurora Aurore Cottet (3rd).

In Phoenix, Naia also took Pro Masters, sweetening the Bikini deal. Shout out to Allison Nygard-Troxell, who landed in 2nd.

Naia Blanco Day is one of the most winning IPL Bikini Pros to date. She has earned 3 Pro Bikini titles, and 1 Pro Masters Bikini title. Michael Brooks Photography.

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