New IPL Fitness Angels Pro, Kristen Perez!

Already an IPL Bikini Pro (and making her IPL Pro Bikini Debut at the same contest) Kristen Perez set her aim at Pro status in yet another division at the October 2017 2nd Annual Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am in Phoenix, Arizona. Fitness Angels.

In Fitness Angels Open, Perez was amazing, leading her to winning three of the six scored categories. Muscularity, Symmetry and Conditioning. Shout out to Christena Carvalho who pushed Kristen to limit, winning Suit/Outfit, Model Walk at Finals, and tying with Kristen in the Posing & Presentation round.

In order to be granted the PQ, Kristen Perez would need not only to win the class, but also score a minimum point total of 164 out of a max of 240. In the end, winning the aforementioned three rounds by solid margins was enough to put her in the winner’s spot with 180 points. And with that, Kristen Perez became the IPL’s newest Fitness Angels Pro. Christena Carvalho in 2nd. Michael Brooks Photography.

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