New IPL Bikini Pro, Michelle Alexander!

Michelle Alexander’s return to the IPL Bikini stage at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am in Phoenix, AZ was a brilliant one.

Michelle’s first IPL competition was just five months prior at the Arizona Championship. At that contest she placed a respectable 4th in Bikini Open Class A. However, in October, Michelle would step up her game and bring an even better package than what she presented in May.

At the Grand Prix Michelle would win five of the six scored categories in Bikini Open Class B: Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing & Presentation, and Model Walk at Finals. 2nd place finisher Anna Maria Carranza had the highest score for Suit, and came in just one point behind Michelle in the Model Walk round. The score card indicates that Michelle Alexander was the clear winner in the class as she earned 1st place and her IPL Bikini Pro Card. Shout out to Claire Sime (3rd), Priscillia Priscilla Weninger (4th) and Linda Vasquez (5th) who rounded out the top five.

Then it was on to the Bikini Open Overall Pose down. Here, Michelle Alexander would face Class A winner Glenda McFarlane. In an epic pose down between the two, McFarlane managed to garner enough votes for the Overall win.

We are excited to see both Michelle Alexander and Glenda McFarlane hit the IPL Pro Bikini stage! Michael Brooks Photography.

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