New IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro Champion, Sunni Ewing!

Sunni Ewing was absolutely amazing at the October 2017 2nd Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro in Phoenix, AZ.

In October, Sunni would make the trip from Texas to Arizona for her Sports Model Pro Debut. And, in AZ, the competition was tough. That being said, Sunni brought her A-game to AZ. Presenting her “Fencing” theme (a theme that had never before been seen on the IP stage) Sunni shined.

Of the six scored categories, Sunni won three: Symmetry, Conditioning and Model Walk at Finals. And the other three… 2nd place finisher Aurore Cottet took the Muscularity round, and took Posing/Presentation. And, Aurore & Sunni tied in Suit/Outfit.

In the end, Sunni’s domination of her three rounds presented a large enough point spread to land her in 1st place. And, with that, Sunni Ewing earned her first IPL Pro title.

Shout out to Aurore Cottet (2nd) and Naia Day (3rd) who pushed Sunni to the max. Michael Brooks Photography.

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