New IPL Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro, Diana Spinelli Montecalvo!

A rare thing happened in the Women’s Sports Model Masters division at the October 2017 2nd Annual IPL Southwest Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona.

In the IPL, the only Masters classes that are Pro Qualifiers are the Masters 40+ classes. So, 50+, 60+ etc.… are not IPL PQ’s. However, there is an exception. When there are multiple Masters classes, the 1st place winners will all battle it out in an Overall comparison. Only upon winning the Masters Overall can the higher-aged class winners earn the Pro Qualification. This is exactly what happened in Phoenix.

50 years young Diana Montecalvo was an inspiration. After winning Sports Model Masters 50+, it was on to the Masters Overall against 40+ winner Lisa Schmitz Barnes. In the IPL, Overall winners are determined by a pose down. And, in AZ, Diana brought it home, winning the Overall title as well as her IPL Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro Card. Michael Brooks Photography.

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