IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro Champion, Elli Sigala!
Elli Sigala killed it in her IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro Debut at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on Saturday September 30th in Rancho Cordova, CA.
After earning her 2nd Pro Bikini title earlier in the evening, and shortly after facing off with Lylian Muttakyawa in Pro Fitness Angels (where Lylian took 1st place) Sigala and Muttakyawa were at it again. This time in Pro Sports Model. However, this time it was Elli Sigala who came out on top.
In this division, Elli’s physique and presentation were hard to beat. That being said Lylian pushed Elli to the max. Here is how it went down:
Muscularity – Sigala
Symmetry – Sigala
Conditioning – Tied
Posing/Presentation – Tied
Suit – Sigala
Model Walk at Finals – Sigala
Final scores: 1st place Elli Sigala = 164, 2nd place Lylian Muttakyawa = 151.
And with that Elli Sigala earned her 1st Pro Sports Model title, and the forth Pro title of her IPL career. Elli Sigala is now one of the most winning IPL Pros to date. She has: Two Pro Bikini titles. One Pro Sports Model title. And, two Pro Evening Gown titles. Michael Brooks Photography.

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