New IPL Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro, Nicole Teilh Pickett!
Women’s Sports Model Masters 40+ was stacked at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on Saturday September 30th in Rancho Cordova, CA. Ten athletes showed up for the class, in what was one of the most competitive Sports Model Masters classes the IPL stage has seen to date. Especially at the top.
Out of a max point total of 180, only 6 points separated 1st from 5th. After what seemed like an eternity of comparisons, the judges finally had it set. And, there could only be one winner. Here’s how it went down in the top 5:
5th place – Barbara Hudson Elliott – 123 points
4th place – Caroline Marston – 124 points
3rd place – Mayra Gutierrez – 125 points
2nd place – Leo Munoz – 127 points
1st place – Nicole Teilh Pickett – 129 points
How’s that for close???
And with that, Nicole Teilh Pickett became the IPL’s newest Women’s Sports Model Masters Pro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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