New IPL Figure Pro, Yady Cedeno!
A whirlwind struck the stage at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 25th in Houston, TX!
What Yady Cedeno brought to the IPL Figure stage in Texas was simply incredible. AT 50 YEARS YOUNG, this powerhouse of a competitor is showing no signs of slowing down (or signs of age, for that matter).
Some highlights of Yady’ s look were full, round muscle, flawless confidence, and a back that is hard to beat.
Cedeno entered Figure Masters 50+, which she won. She then went up against the Figure Masters 40+ winner Grace Curran (who held her own against the mighty Cedeno) for the Figure Masters Overall, and won there too. This Overall win added another custom IPL medal to Cedeno’s collection, as well as the IPL tiara (given to Overall winners within several IPL divisions). But she was not done yet.
Cedeno would then go on to battle it out in Figure Open. In the end, Yady proved too much to handle as she took the Open class. In order to land the IPL PQ, Cedeno would need to not only win the class, but also earn at least 168 points. In the end, she landed 195 and became the IPL’s newest Figure Open Pro.
The IPL Pro Figure division contains some of the best drug-tested Figure competitors the sport has to offer. And, of course Yady Cedeno will fit right in. It is incredibly exciting to invision an IPL Pro Figure battle with this new addition thrown into the mix! Michael Brooks Photography.

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