2X IPL Pro Women’s Athletic Champion, Mary Onyango!
After dominating and earning her first IPL Pro Figure title at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship and USA Pro/Am on September 24th in Ridgefield, CT, Mary Onyango was back for more.
This time it was Pro Women’s Athletic. And again, just like in Pro Figure, it was Mary Onyango versus Julia Hubbard. And, once again, Onyango came out on top.
Her impressive win included an insanely high score of 226 out of 240 max points, including perfect 10’s in her Model Walk/Routine at Finals. The only thing more crazy was her score of 230 points earlier in Pro Figure.
With this win Onyango earned her 2nd IPL Pro Women’s Athletic title. Her first? At this very contest one year ago.
Mary Onyango is now the first and only IPL Pro to have earned two Women’s Athletic Pro Open titles.
Side note – A month later in Arizona Julia Hubbard brought what appeared to be her best look to date and earned her 1st IPL Women’s Athletic Masters Pro title, defeating an incredibly impressive Ilana Lea.
Side note – Hubbard has now earned an IPL Pro title in Women’s Athletic Open and Women’s Athletic Masters.
If Julia Hubbard is able to maintain or improve her AZ look she will most certainly push Mary Onyango to the limit. So, will we get to see this rematch between Onyango and Hubbard???
YES! In just two weeks at IPL APEX II on November 19th! Ohhhhh, it’s about to go down!

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