New IPL Bikini Pro, Tasha Hunter​!

Bikini Open was the most stacked class at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship and USA Pro/Am on September 24th in Ridgefield, CT.

And, newcomer Tasha Hunter was a dominant force at this contest.

Of the 6 scored categories Tasha won 5: Muscularity, Symmetry, Posing/Presentation, Suit, and Model Walk at Finals. The only round she did not win was Conditioning. That round went to 2nd place Bikini Open finisher, Kerisha Baccas-Lumsden​.

With the total number of possible points in Connecticut being 240, Tasha earned 202. One of the highest scores earned in the entire show. Tasha also took Bikini Novice, earning 197 there.

The IPL Pro Bikini division is incredibly strong and is the most stacked of all IPL divisions. Considering what Tasha Hunter is bringing to IPL Bikini… full, round muscularity, beautiful balance in the symmetry department, dynamic stage presentation… it will be exciting to see how she matches up with top IPL Bikini Pros like Aurore Cottet​, Annie Minkler​, Tiffany Mickalson​, Dana Helgeson​, Lylian Muttakyawa​, Sunny Eclipse Miller​ and IPL Pro Bikini Champions Elli Sigala​ (2X), Ana La Belle​, Beth Cote​ (2X), Naia Blanco Day​ (2x), Tawnya Cline​, and Karen Ridley Basler​. Michael Brooks​ Photography.

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