2X IPL Men’s Athletic Pro Champion, Angel Aulet!
Angel Aulet was in peak form at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship and USA Pro/Am on September 24th in Ridgefield, CT.
The Pro battle between Angel Aulet and Andrew Kang was EPIC. Hands down, one of the most exciting face-offs in IPL history…in terms of both hype leading up to it, as well as the actual contest event.
Looking at these two side by side, there was absolutely no clear winner. It was that close. Heading into Finals there was only a mere one point difference between 1st and 2nd. So, it would all come down to the Model Walk/Routine at Finals.
In the end, Aulet earned 38 points here and Kang 32. Both impressive scores. However, winning this round, Angel Aulet became the IPL’s first and only 2X Men’s Athletic Pro Champion.
Bottom line… Angel Aulet is at the top of the hierarchy in IPL Pro Men’s Athletic, and is the man to beat. That being said, with Pros like Alejandro Sigala, an even more hungry Andrew Kang, new Pro Zack Smith, 1X Champ Zyrian Zee Apurillo, and other high caliber Pros, it is likely that Angel will be pushed to his limit in the near future.
IPL Factoid: Angel’s wife Mary Onyango is the first and only 2X IPL Women’s Athletic Pro champ. It clearly runs it the family. Michael Brooks Photography.

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