New IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro Champion, Julia Hubbard!
IPL Pro Julia Hubbard was stunning at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship and USA Pro/Am on September 24th in Ridgefield, CT.
After earning her Evening Gown Masters Pro Card at the May 2017 IPL New Jersey Pro/Am, Hubbard was ready for her Pro debut just four months later. In Connecticut she would face-off in the IPL’s first ever Evening Gown Masters Pro showdown with the equally stunning and elegant IPL Pro Victoria Guthrie.
Both are consummate Professionals, who delivered exciting performances in this division. However, Hubbard had the edge, winning five of the six scored categories: Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing & Presentation and Gown. The only round she did not win was the Model Walk at Finals. That one was dominated by Guthrie.
Needless to say, Julia Hubbard was victorious, becoming the IPL’s first ever Evening Gown Masters Pro Champion. Her second IPL Pro title. Her first being Pro Women’s Athletic at the aforementioned 2017 New Jersey Pro show.
Julia Hubbard is a top IPL Pro, Pro Champion, and one of the most active IPL athletes to date with five IPL shows under her belt. Not only that, but she competes in four different divisions: Figure, Athletic, Sports Model and Evening Gown.
Julia would go on to add several more IPL Pro titles to her collection the following month after Connecticut. More on that later… Michael Brooks Photography.

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