IPL APEX Women’s Sports Model Pro Champion, Tawnya Cline!

In Pro Sports Model Open & Masters at 2017 IPL APEX II (the IPL’s Year-end Pinnacle Championship Event in Sacramento CA on November 19th) Tawnya Cline took the division to a new height.

From outfit, to boom box toting swag, to actually busting breakin’ moves, she absolutely OWNED her “Break Dancing” theme and played the part to the end. Never letting up.

With 11 total career IPL Pro titles, Tawnya Cline is the most winning IPL Pro on the circuit to date. She has achieved:

2 Pro Bikini titles
4 Pro Bikini Masters titles
3 Pro Sports Model titles
2 Pro Sports Model Masters titles

In a close second is IPL Pro Julia Hubbard with 7 IPL Pro titles.

The question now is, will this level of success and domination be in the cards for Cline in 2018? There is no doubt that there will be even more top Pros vying for wins this season. What an exciting year it will be! Michael Brooks Photography.

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