New IPL Fitness Angels Masters Pro, Carly Alejandrino Santos!

Carly Santos was magical at 2017 IPL APEX II, the IPL’s Year-end Pinnacle Championship Event, in Sacramento CA on November 19th.

The third IPL Pro Card handed out at APEX II was in FITNESS ANGELS MASTERS 40+. Once again, some of the league’s best hit the Fitness Angels stage. This time to spread their wings and shine. In the end, it was the incredible Frauka Kozar for the win. BUT, since Kozar was already Pro Qualified, the Card was up for grabs for the 2nd place finisher. Only if she earned the minimum point total of 168 out of 240.

In 2nd was lovely Carly Alejandrino Santos. Carly may have landed in 2nd, but she was certainly hot on Frauka’s heels. Of the six scored categories, Carly actually won the Symmetry round, and tied with Frauka in Conditioning, and Outfit. In the end, Santos did indeed nail the necessary points, earning 185, and became the IPL’s newest Fitness Angels Masters Pro.

Sooo…when will we see Carly Alejandrino Santos on the IPL Pro stage? In the latest issue of NATURALMAG Carly says, “I will definitely be back on the IPL stage in May and/or September 2018.” We are looking forward to it, Carly!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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