New IPL Bikini Pro, Chynna Olmos!

Chynna Olmos was stunning at 2017 IPL APEX II, the IPL’s Year-end Pinnacle Championship Event, in Sacramento CA on November 19th.

In November, some of the best IPL Bikini Athletes hit the APEX stage, all vying for that coveted Bikini Pro Card. The lineup even included New York-based Tasha Hunter, who already achieved IPL Pro status a couple months prior at the IPL USA’s in Connecticut but had not yet competed as a Pro.

Unfortunately, APEX did have the IPL’s final drug-test failure and suspension of the season. Visit the IPL website for the official press release and athlete statement. As a result of this drug-test failure, 2nd place finisher Chynna Olmos was bumped up to 1st place and received the IPL Bikini Pro Qualification.

That being said, Chynna was amazing. After she impressed at the May 2017 IPL California Championship placing 2nd in Bikini Novice Class A and Open Class A, it was only a matter of time. And, her time came at APEX. We look forward to seeing this Bikini Beauty hit the IPL Pro stage!

Shout out to Tasha Hunter (2nd) and Alexis Ross (3rd) who rounded out the top three. Michael Brooks Photography.

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