New IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro, Kayla Ross!

History was made In Women’s Sports Model Open at 2017 IPL APEX II (the IPL’s Year-end Pinnacle Championship Event in Sacramento CA on November 19th).

Until APEX II, there had been three teenagers to earn IPL Pro Cards.

The first was 19 year old Kristy Janak, who earned her IPL Women’s Athletic Pro Card at the 2016 IPL Southern Championship.

The second was 19 year old Danniel Giraldo, who earned his IPL Pro Card in Men’s Bodybuilding at the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix.

And finally, the record was broken in 2017 at the 3rd Annual IPL Southern Championship, when 18 year old Shelbi Ray earned her IPL Bikini Pro Card.

Well, it is only fitting that in 2017, at the IPL’s year-end championship event, a new record was set.

At APEX, 16 year old Kayla Ross was incredible in her gymnastics theme. Needing a minimum of 168 points for the PQ, Kayla landed an impressive 190 and became the IPL’s newest, and youngest Pro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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