New IPL Bikini Masters Pro, Rachel Dolma Balunsat!

Rachel Balunsat was in it to win it at 2017 IPL APEX II, the IPL’s Year-end Pinnacle Championship Event, in Sacramento CA on November 19th.

The first IPL Pro Card at APEX II was given out in BIKINI MASTERS 40+. In this class, Rachel Balunsat came out ahead of the pack.

After making a major impression on the IPL at the West Coast Pro/Am a couple months prior, (where Rachel placed 3rd in Bikini Masters 40+ and Open, AND won her Evening Gown Open and Masters Pro Cards), Balunsat was back to claim Bikini victory. And that is exactly what she did, winning Bikini Masters 40+ and becoming the IPL’s newest Bikini Masters Pro.

Shout out to Carly Alejandrino Santos (2nd) and Elly Niezen (3rd) who rounded out the top three. Michael Brooks Photography.

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