IPL APEX Pro Women’s Athletic Champion, Mary Onyango!

After snagging the Pro Figure title a bit earlier in the evening at 2017 IPL APEX II (the IPL’s Year-end Pinnacle Championship Event in Sacramento CA on November 19th) becoming the IPL’s first ever Pro Champ in this division, Mary Onyango was back for more.

In Pro Women’s Athletic it was Mary Onyango vs. Julia Hubbard, once again. The dominant Onyango raked in yet another Pro title, and in the process became the IPL’s first ever Pro Women’s Athletic APEX champion. Mary Onyango Pro title count = five.

Then, a few weeks later, Mary landed on the front cover of the Spring 2018 issue of NATURALMAG. AND, is featured in the Spring 2018 issue of GAINZ describing how she developed her incredible back.

With two IPL Pro Figure titles and three IPL Pro Women’s Athletic titles, Mary Onyango is Queen Bee in these divisions. Included in that impressive collection are now two APEX victories, which completely seal the deal.

What an incredible run Mary Onyango has had. Since her first IPL contest (the 2016 New York Pro/Am) where she earned her two Pro Cards, she has not been beaten, in either division.

The question is, who stands a chance to dethrone the queen? Who will push Mary Onyango the hardest in 2018? Figure Pros such as Yady Cedeno, Alisha Gray, Christy Byxbee, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson, Kaylin Payne, Misti Love?

Women’s Athletic Pros such as Kaylin Payne, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson, Kristy Janak, Heather Randall, Ilana Lea???

2018 will certainly will be an incredibly exciting year in Pro Figure and Pro Women’s Athletic!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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