New IPL Men’s Athletic Pro, Tony Mena!
Only three Pro Cards were handed out at the 2017 IPL SOCAL Classic on September 9th in Brea, CA. And, one of these went to Tony Mena.
Of the six scored categories Mena won four… Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, and Suit. Taking these placed Mena firmly in the winners spot. However, in order to earn the IPL PQ, he would also need to score a minimum of 126 points out of a max of 180. In the end, Mena earned 134 points and became the IPL’s newest Men’s Athletic Pro.
Shout out to Jose Valle who tied with Mena in two of the six scored categories… Posing/Presentation and Model Walk (at finals).
Mena now has joined an incredibly competitive group of IPL Men’s Athletic Pros such as Alejandro Sigala, Pat Vega, Andrew Kang, Steven Michael Perez… Pro Champions Zyrian Zee Apurillo, Jason Dela Cruz Lubag, and 2X Pro Champion Angel Aulet. It will be interesting to see how Tony Mena matches up. Michael Brooks Photography.

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