New IPL Women’s Athletic Pro, Luinil Estrellas Demesy!
Women’s Athletic Open at the 2017 IPL Tahiti Championship on May 13th in Tahiti, French Polynesia came down to a very competitive and CLOSE battle between Luinil Estrellas Demesy (Chelsea Cancian) and Elisa Fanaura-Teanau.
Here is how the six scored categories went: Demesy won Symmetry, Conditioning, and Posing/Presentation. Teanau won Muscularity, Suit, and Model Walk at Finals. In the end only one single point separated 1st and 2nd. Demesy with 135 and Teanau with 134. And, needing a minimum of 126 for the PQ, Luinil Estrellas Demesy became the IPL’s newest Women’s Athletic Pro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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