New IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro, Luinil Estrellas Demesy!

Luinil Estrellas Demesy AKA Chelsea Cancian is no stranger to success on the IPL stage. And she saw more of the same at the October 2017 IPL Tahiti Pro/Am.

After earning her IPL Pro Card in Women’s Athletic at the October IPL Tahiti Championship five months earlier, Chelsea was back on the IPL Tahiti stage to see if her success could be duplicated in another division. Women’s Sports Model.

In October, Chelsea would dominate, winning five of the six scored categories, and earning enough overall points to become the IPL’s newest Women’s Sports Model Pro. Shout out to 2nd place finisher, Caroline Tcheung Pao, who was Chelsea’s toughest competition earning the highest Suit score and landing just one point behind Cancian in the Posing/Presentation round and Model walk round at Finals. Michael Brooks Photography.

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