IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro Champion, Tawnya Cline!

Top IPL Pro Tawnya Cline was determined to hit the IPL international stage this year at the October 2017 IPL Tahiti Pro in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

A full year had passed since Cline had been on an IPL Pro Sports Model stage. Her last (and only other) being at the 2016 West Coast Pro at which she became the IPL’s first ever Women’s Sports Model Pro Champion. In 2017 Tawnya would put herself to the test In Tahiti, entering both Pro Women’s Sports Model Masters and Pro Open.

In Masters it would come down to Tahitian Jenny Langomazino and Cline. And, in Masters, Cline would win five of the six scored categories. Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing & Presentation, Suit and Model Walk at Finals. The Muscularity round yielded a tie between Cline and Langomazino. With that, Tawnya Cline earned her first Pro Masters Sports Model title. And her second career Pro Sports Model title. Then, it was on to the Open.

The Open would prove to be a bigger challenge for Cline. However, one athlete in particular pushed her to the max. The dominating, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson. In the end, Tawnya Cline was able to pull ahead for the win by One. Single. Point. Cline = 147. DeBartolo-Robinson = 146. Out of a max of 180.

With a final scores being this close, things could have easily gone the other way, in favor of Doré. In fact, there are many who believe the victory should have indeed been Doré’s. However, a point is a point and a win is a win. And with that, Tawnya Cline earned her third career Pro Sports Model title.

Shout out to 3rd place finisher Tiffany Mickalson who was a formidable challenger to both Cline and DeBartolo-Robinson. Michael Brooks Photography.

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