New IPL Fitness Angels Pro Champion, Aurore Cottet!
Aurore Cottet was at the top of her Fitness Angels game at the IPL’s first Pro international contest in Tahiti, French Polynesia on Saturday October 14th.
At the Tahiti Pro, Aurore Cottet (who had just landed on the Fall 2017 cover of Natural Bikini Magazine sporting her wings in a photo captured backstage at the May 2017 Arizona Pro where she won her IPL Fitness Angels Pro Card) was magical.
In Tahiti, it would come down to Aurore Cottet and Dore Doré DeBartolo-Robinson (who traveled all the way from Midwest, USA to compete in Tahiti). In a beautiful battle, a beaming Aurore Cottet managed to pull ahead by 10 points, landing in 1st place and earned her first IPL Pro win. With this win, Aurora Aurore Cottet became only the second woman to earn an IPL Fitness Angels Pro title. Michael Brooks Photography.

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