New IPL Women’s Athletic Pro Champion, Dore!

After earning her IPL Figure Pro Card earlier in the evening, Dore was back to do damage on the Pro stage in Tahiti.

It had been over a year since Dore set foot on and IPL Pro stge. The last being her IPL Pro debut at the September 2016 Grand Prix Pro in Arizona, where she faced off with Brittany Warner in Women’s Athletic, landing in 2nd place. However, in Tahiti, the tables would turn for Dore.

Dore’s Tahiti contender was stellar IPL Pro Chelsea. Cancian, making her IPL Pro Debut pushed Dore to the max. Here’s how it went down (each round worth 30 points):

1st Doré DeBartolo-Robinson = 27
2nd Chelsea Cancian = 21

1st Doré DeBartolo-Robinson = 24
2nd Chelsea Cancian = 23

1st Chelsea Cancian = 23
2nd Doré DeBartolo-Robinson = 21

1st Doré DeBartolo-Robinson = 24
2nd Chelsea Cancian = 22

1st Chelsea Cancian = 25
2nd Doré DeBartolo-Robinson = 22

Model Walk at Finals
1st Doré DeBartolo-Robinson = 25
2nd Chelsea Cancian = 22

Final Score
1st Doré DeBartolo-Robinson = 143
2nd Chelsea Cancian = 136

In the end, Dore prevailed, landing in 1st place and earning her first IPL Pro title. Cancian in 2nd, just 7 points behind. Michael Brooks Photography.

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