New IPL Evening Gown Pro, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson!

The final class of the final division to hit the stage at the October 2017 IPL Tahiti Pro/Am in Tahiti French Polynesia was Evening Gown Open.

In Tahiti, this class was the most stacked, with 10 IPL Evening Gown beauties vying for 1st place and the coveted IPL Pro Card. However, one competitor stood out among the rest. Already an IPL Pro in Bodybuilding, Fitness Angels, Sports Model, Athletic, and after earning her Figure Pro Card earlier in the evening, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson still had unfinished business.

In Evening Gown Open, Doré would win five of the six scored categories. Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing & Presentation and Model Walk at Finals. The sixth category, Suit (Gown) was won by Teeva Raimbault Estall. And with that, Chameleon competitor Doré DeBartolo-Robinson earned her sixth IPL Pro Card.

Doré now holds IPL Pro Cards in Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness Angels, Sports Model, Athletic, and Evening Gown. She is the first and only IPL athlete to hold Pro Cards in this variety of divisions. The only IPL Pro Qualifying division she does not hold a Pro Card in (and has never competed in) is the Bikini division…

Shout out to Teeva Raimbault (2nd) and Shirley Maopi (3rd) who rounded out the top three. Michael Brooks Photography.

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