New IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro, Christina Lefoc!

Christina Lefoc (AKA Krikri Cricri) was fabulous at the October 2017 IPL Tahiti Pro/Am in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Lefoc, who also impressed at the Tahiti Championship five months prior where she won her IPL Pro Card in Women’s Athletic Masters, was back on the IPL stage. This time completely switching gears and entering only the Evening Gown Masters 40+ class.

In Evening Gown Masters 40+ it came down to Lefoc and Bourgeois Marie-France. Bourgeois Marie-France was awesome and pushed hard, but Lefoc proved to be dominant. In the end, Lefoc won each of the six scored categories, placed 1st, and earned her IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro Card. Michael Brooks Photography

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